Your local dentist in Järfälla and Barkarby

Our team of hygienists, general dentists, and dental specialists work together to provide you with seamless, comprehensive oral healthcare. From simple cleanings to complex restorations, we can ensure you will leave with a smile.

We are connected to the Swedish helth service “försäkringskassan”

Examples of treatments we perform:

Implants, Shell facades, Crowns and Bridges, teeth fillings, Root canal treatments, etc. We also perform pediatric dental care. We are taking care of the whole family.

Welcome to one of Stockholm’s most professional dentists!

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Bewar Asa
Bewar AsaDoctor
Utbildning: Tandläkarexamen, 2016

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Rabiih kamel
Rabiih kamelDoctor
Utbildning: Tandläkarexamen 2019

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SalomeDental nurse
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Ring för tidsbokning
08-506 621 04


Usual working hours:
Mon-Thu 08.00-19.00
Fri 08.00-17.00
Sat 09.00-15.00

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Direktnr: 08-506 621 04
Växelnr: 08-506 621 00

Bankgiro: 5268-8207
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Adress: Kalvshällavägen 38, 177 38 Järfälla