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We are a dental care chain with experienced dentists and dental hygienists at several locations in Stockholm.

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Welcome to one of Stockholm’s most professional dentists.

Are you looking for a dentist in Stockholm? We are welcoming you to Tandea, a dental care chain with experienced dentists and dental hygienists. We are located at several places in the Stockholm area.

We currently have eight modern dental clinics and our own laboratory. We offer first-class dental care, affordable prices and high service. In addition we also have long opening hours. This makes us one of Stockholm’s most attractive dental companies.

Our mission is to make quality dental care easily accessible to everyone! In consultation with you, we adapt treatment to your specific needs. Our focus is always on the patient. Satisfied customers come back and our goal is that all patients who comes to us should feel our commitment and want to come back. Our skilled dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians in Stockholm are here for you.

A warm welcome to us at Tandea!

Why choose Tandea for your next dental visit in Stockholm?

At Tandea you will find an experienced team of skilled specialists and dentists in Stockholm who are fully dedicated to offering caring and professional care of the highest standard.

At Tandea, our strong customer focus is a central part of our philosophy. We strive to listen carefully to our patients and offer tailored solutions that take into account your individual wishes and needs. For us, every patient is unique, and we understand that there are different expectations and wishes when it comes to dental care.

Tandea is located near Stockholm city, which makes it easy for our patients to find a dentist in Stockholm. Our central location is deliberately chosen to ensure you can reach us easily, no matter where you live or work in the city.

At Tandea, we are fully committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment for our patients, which makes visits as pleasant as possible.

We understand that visiting the dentist can be a nervous experience for some, which is why we put extra focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel safe.

Tandea offers the latest technology in dentistry to ensure efficiency and comfort for its patients. We value your time and convenience and are proud to be able to offer modern and gentle dental care for a customized treatment.

At Tandea, we have made it easy for you to book your appointment with our experienced dentists in Stockholm directly via our website. With our simple online booking, it is quick and convenient to plan your dental visit.

Choose the time and dentist that suits you best, and we look forward to taking care of your oral health. Book your appointment with Tandea today and experience professional dental care with a focus on your comfort.

When the toothache strikes, it can be an incredibly painful and stressful experience. At Tandea, we therefore offer emergency dental care in Stockholm when you need it most.

Our experienced dentists in Stockholm are available for emergency situations, whether it’s an intense toothache, a damaged tooth or another urgent dental-related issue.

At Tandea, we strive to offer a comprehensive set of treatments and services to meet the varying needs of our patients. At Tandea, you are welcome for regular dental check-ups and dental cleanings for more advanced interventions such as root canals or dental implants.

Welcome to one of Stockholm’s most professional dentists.

At Tandea, we have proudly established ourselves in eight central locations around Stockholm: Handen, Hjorthagen, Norsborg, Skogås, Skärholmen, Södermalm, Barkarby and Hammarby Sjöstad.

We offer state-of-the-art practices and our own dental laboratory, which means high-quality dental care available to you, wherever you are in the city. We have chosen strategic locations in the city center for easy accessibility via bus connections, metro and commuter trains, which means you can easily plan your visits with us without any hassle.

At Tandea, our skilled specialist dentists, general dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians in Stockholm are here to tailor the treatment to your unique needs, always with the patient in focus.

Satisfied customers come back, and our goal is to be your reliable partner for dental care near Stockholm city and the surrounding area. Regardless of whether you live or work in Stockholm, our dedicated team is here to provide you with the best possible dental care experience. Welcome to Tandea – where quality dental care is easily accessible to everyone!

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Healthy teeth for life at your dentist Stockholm

Care and attention is important keywords in our work. We always strive to be at the forefront when it comes to modern methods and equipment. Our dental hygienists and dentists in Stockholm can help you with teeth whitening, braces, wisdom teeth and much more.

For the manufacture of dentures, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, dental bridges, dental implants and other dental services, we have an internal high-tech laboratory located in the center of Skogås. With our own laboratory, we can offer fast and reliable delivery and in urgent cases, e.g. a broken prosthesis can be fixed during the same day. All materials we use are approved, have batch numbers and traceability. With our help you can have healthy teeth for life.

We are affiliated to Stockholms Läns Landsting and Försäkringskassan. See a selection of our reference cases

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Questions and answers

To book a dental appointment, you can contact us by phone or online via our website. State your dental care needs and agree on a time and date for your visit. It is important to double check the booking and have any necessary documents ready.

Yes! At Tandea, you have the opportunity to pay in installments for your dental care completely interest-free. We collaborate with SVEA Finans, where you can easily get help with an installment plan adapted to you and your needs. Here you can read more about how partial payment via SVEA works.

Examples of emergency dental care include severe toothache, damaged or knocked out teeth, dental infections, bleeding gums, lost fillings or crowns and serious mouth injuries. In the case of such acute problems, it is important to immediately contact a dentist or emergency dental care unit for the necessary treatment.

The cost of dental visits may vary depending on any treatments. A basic basic examination costs SEK 1,025, while treatments such as tooth cleaning, repairs and root canals are added to the cost. Dental insurance can help reduce costs.

It is recommended to visit the dentist regularly to maintain good dental health. Most dentists suggest that you undergo a dental examination and cleaning at least once a year. Some people, especially those at increased risk of dental problems, may need to visit the dentist more often, such as every six months. Your dentist can make recommendations tailored to your specific situation.

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